Trattoria Il Saraceno


Situated in the heart of the town, the restaurant "IL SARACENO" ("THE SARACEN") offers its customers a perfect Tuscan setting.
Its location in one of the oldest streets of the historic town centre, the architecture of the restaurant itself, the dishes and the wines which are served there all these things make "IL SARACENO" an integral part of the town and the history of Arezzo. But the true key to the success of this restaurant are the masterly hands of Virgilio Dragoni, who has worked all his life in the restaurant business, delighting generations of Arezzo inhabitants and visitors from all over the world with his highly esteemed culinary creations.
The menu offers a vast selection of dishes, so as to cover all the varied tastes and requirements of his customers, ranging from the typical local cuisine to Tuscan cuisine, as well as international fare.
The selection of wines is likewise extensive, including the most costly vintage wines, as also some less expensive wines, which are, however, no less noble than the others!

Mappa di Arezzo

Virgilio’s cordiality, together with that of his staff, allows you to relax in a family atmosphere at "IL SARACENO" restaurant; as a customer there you will never feel a stranger in the surroundings or in the town.
Furthermore, "IL SARACENO" is located only a few hundred metres from the most prestigious and highly regarded works of art in Arezzo, which are easy to reach (after lunch, of course) on foot, by taking a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets of the splendid historic town centre.

Virgilio is looking forward to welcoming you on your visit!

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